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Take your art to the next level by learning from teachers such as Dan Gerhartz, Tina Garrett, Kevin Macpherson, Anna Rose Bain, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon and many others.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my FASO or BoldBrush Contest Username/Password Work?

BoldBrush Studio is a completely separate service with it's own login system. If you are an existing FASO or BoldBrush Contest User you will have to sign up for BoldBrush Studio and create new login credentials to utilize BoldBrush Studio.

Can I watch a video more than once?

Yes. Your membership allows you to watch included videos as many times as you wish, as long as your membership is active.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel at any time by logging into BoldBrush Studio and then visiting Your Account -> Settings -> Billing -> Change Plan - Cancel. After you cancel your account will remain accessible through the date for which you have previously paid.

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